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Burlington Discover Jazz is a city-wide community celebration

Keeping it in the community with a jazzy new events site

Burlington Discover Jazz is kind of an institution around here.

They bring an appreciation of jazz to the area through a nationally renowned, city-wide community festival once each spring, and they’ve been doing so for over 35 years.

Scout Digital is proud to have worked with DiscoJazz (as we affectionately refer to them around the office) for about as long as they’ve had a website. Every year, we update the site with a killer new design that reflects the vibrant persona of the event and current branding iteration.

Our relationship with the site is more than just aesthetic, though. We build on our UX learnings from the previous year to make continuous improvements that best leverage the site’s free and paid events. One of the things that make working with Burlington Discover Jazz fun is that we get to take our past experiences with us to make each year’s iteration just a little bit better.