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Pennycake Case Study

A Chick-fil-A brand fostering family fun through games saw 8X eCommerce conversion rate through data-driven website optimization and email marketing led by Scout Digital.


eComm Conversion Rate


Cart Abandonment Rate


Revenue from Email Marketing

"We brought Scout in to help with challenges we were having with website analytics. They completely overdelivered. While they reorganized analytics in an easy-to-use dashboard, they also provided recommendations on website enhancements that directly improved our conversion rate, set up Klaviyo for one-off and flow email campaigns, and lent technical expertise when we hit snags. The Scout team was an integral partner and friend."

- Mike Ableman
Divisional Vice President
BDA, Pennycake Partner

About pennycake

A Chick-fil-A brand, pennycake creates family-focused games and activities using expert research to cultivate play, build relationships, empower children, and foster inclusivity. Their products enrich family engagement, allowing families to maximize their time together.

Family playing pennycake games at the kitchen table


  • Increase website conversions
  • Improve user experience
  • Drive email subscriptions and engagement


  • Website Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Email Marketing


As a new startup, pennycake was looking for a partner to support email marketing and conversation rate optimization. We knew this unique brand’s potential and were determined to unlock it using data-driven digital marketing strategies.


increase in ecommerce conversion rate
We dove into the data, analyzing user behavior on pennycake’s website to help identify key areas that would eventually drive a dramatic increase in conversion rate. We then transformed these insights into website optimizations, creating a smoother journey for parents and ultimately driving more sales.


cart abandonment rate
We didn’t let abandoned carts become a lost cause. By analyzing user behavior with heatmaps and implementing user experience best practices, we kept visitors engaged all the way to purchase. For those who still strayed, we implemented an abandon cart email program that reminded parents of the fun they had left behind to drive them back.


revenue from email marketing
We updated pennycake’s email marketing with new abandon cart flows, a welcome series, and exclusive product giveaway campaigns that helped put email as a top sales driver. We nurtured subscribers into a devoted pennycake crew, ready to become the brand’s biggest advocates and helped set the stage for pennycake email marketing to expand.


Step 1: Understanding Pennycake's Playful Purpose
We started by diving headfirst into Pennycake's world. Understanding their brand values and target audience was key. It wasn't just about selling toys, it was about fostering family connections through imaginative play. This became our guiding principle.
Step 2: Optimizing Pennycake's Playground (Website)
Next, we tackled Pennycake's website. We implemented proper tracking to understand user behavior and identify priority areas for improvement. While more reliable data trickled in, we fixed low-hanging fruit to align the site experience with best practices, prioritizing mobile first. Then, through A/B testing, heat mapping, and other data collection, we tweaked other elements of the user journey to increase engagement. We focused on the homepage, product listing page, and product detail pages to make it easier for families to find the perfect game.
Step 3: Building a Loyal Family of Fans (Email Marketing)
Pennycake's email marketing launched but was ready for major improvements. We built a robust subscriber list, designed engaging email flows, and created templates that reflected pennycake's playful spirit, all while collecting valuable 1st party data. This nurtured connections with families, keeping Pennycake top-of-mind and driving sales.
More Than Games: Pennycake’s Journey to Spark Family Connections
Pennycake's initial challenge wasn't unique: despite significant investment, their website wasn't translating to desired sales. Their partnership with Scout Digital helped set the stage for a bright future. Through conversion rate optimization and email marketing, we witnessed an increase in pennycake's revenue and community nurturing through captivating email campaigns. This collaboration isn't just about numbers; it's about helping pennycake embrace its playful purpose and foster meaningful connections within families. After all, what's more fulfilling than contributing to the development of our future generation?

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