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PayData is a workforce management solution

A new site that’s changing the way Vermonters work

For over 30-years, clients have counted on PayData to help them succeed.

We helped them continue their legacy of trust by creating a custom WordPress site that simplified their service offerings, streamlined their confusing client login portal and painted a clearer picture of who PayData is today.

Through careful planning, we optimized PayData’s site architecture to better showcase their broad spectrum of separately branded services in a more centralized, cohesive way. Previously, they had logins for several of these different services scattered throughout the site, so an important step was figuring out how to group these for a smoother client and prospect UX.   

During our visual design block, we updated PayData’s look to something a little more fitting for a contemporary SaaS company, utilizing clean sans serifs for typography, bringing in some bright gradients to the UI and implementing a custom icon set to make their services more uniform. All of these elements came together into a site that generates more leads than ever before.