Northern Forest Canoe Trail - Scout Digital

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail is a 740-mile route spanning the waterways of the Northeast

A site and trip planner APP for an iconic paddling route

We helped increase awareness and generate donations for a treasured natural resource.

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail is a 740 mile long paddling route that spans four states and parts of Canada. They cater to both avid paddlers with years of experience and novices just looking to get their feet wet. NFCT came to us not only looking to revamp their site but also their interactive trip planner web app, which is a major source of sponsorship revenue for them.

In addition to implementing an elegant design system that enabled NFCT continued, sustainable control over layout and content on their site, we streamlined their site architecture to make it much more intuitive and chose action-oriented naming conventions that better resonated with users. We also redesigned the trip planner UI from the ground up, designing and developing multiple complex features such as map segmentation, cookie-based itinerary creation, and toggle-able location categories.

The site that we built has provided NFCT with greatly improved recognition and membership, but the real gem of the project was the trip planner, which to provides repeat visit value to members, casual users who just want to check the trail out, and, of course, to NFCT.