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The Kelly Brush Foundation empowers people with spinal cord injuries to lead active lives

Helping a Local Adaptive Sports Nonprofit Tell Their Story

Inspiring and empowering those with spinal cord injuries to engage in active lives.

The Kelly Brush Foundation is a local nonprofit that provides adaptive sports grants to people who might not otherwise be able to lead an active lifestyle. We’ve been proudly assisting them in this worthy cause for a few years now, and most recently helped them redesign their website.

It was an especially critical moment for KBF since they were pivoting from a dual focus on ski racing safety and adaptive sports to focusing exclusively on the latter. We helped to smooth out this transition by redefining their sitemap and user flow to better fit this new mission and more effectively position their fundraising efforts.

We established a design system oriented around creating custom landing pages for signature events like KBF Ride, which has had a significant impact on signups. We also implemented a scalable events calendar to showcase their growing roster of fundraising events and improved global CTA prominence to set KBF up for future success.