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Jenike & Johanson is a specialized bulk material engineering firm

A new site that educates and increases conversions

Jenike & Johanson is a cornerstone of the bulk solids industry

Their existing architecture had become unwieldy, and the site was showing its age. FLC needed a crisp design that would appeal to current and prospective families, and improve the online experience of their brand’s primary channel of communication.

Jenike & Johanson’s core goals were making their wealth of educational material easily accessible, keeping visitors aware of upcoming events, and improving conversions through custom Hubspot integrations.

We focused our efforts on simplifying. Visually, this meant creating a clean, grid-based layout system that evoked engineering excellence. Previously, Jenike’s educational content was in several redundant sections. We streamlined these into one core feed template and post type, improving UX and decreasing technical debt simultaneously.