Forest Lake Camp - Scout Digital

Forest Lake Camp is a brother-sister summer camp in the Adirondacks

A new site for a camp that caters to kids of all ages

Forest Lake Camp was in need of a fresh start on their 5-year-old site.

Their existing architecture had become unwieldy, and the site was showing its age. FLC needed a crisp design that would appeal to current and prospective families, and improve the online experience of their brand’s primary channel of communication.

We overhauled FLC’s existing content structure to target their top audiences of prospective families, current families, and rentals. During our design mock phase, we did a “soft reboot” of the FLC brand utilizing vibrant and contemporary typography, colors and layout principles. We made sure to provide plenty of opportunities to showcase their awesome photo library, too.

Our redesign shifted FLC’s online experience from a noisy catchall to a focused visual narrative that portrays their camps for the amazing adventures they are. Since launch, we’ve been working on an aggressive digital marketing campaign to ensure they convert a higher percentage of prospects than ever.