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Recent Launches – Triple 8

May 22, 2015 by USM Interactive

If you heard the sounds of cheers and champagne bottles popping this past week, it might have been the USM/Interactive team celebrating the launch of our most recent ecommerce website solution for Triple 8.

If you’ve ever barreled down a ski-slope, taken a nose dive off your bike or skateboard, or dared to venture out on the roller derby course, chances are you know about this company.  Triple 8 has been making protective gear for action sports enthusiasts since 1996 and have been a USM/Interactive partner for the better part of the last 5 years.  They’ve become the go-to protectors for anyone looking to get a little rad.

Triple 8 had been running their site on an older legacy platform and was due for a modern makeover to specifically take into account mobile-users and how best to accommodate modern online shopping practices.  This awesome new site we built for them has some pretty snazzy functionality behind how products are customized and is chock full of the great videos and photos that T8 had created.  It’s beautiful!  We’re especially proud of the wholesale component we built, which is truly going to change the nature in way Triple 8 works with their dealers around the world.  From the nerdier side of things, our talented developers found a way to take a wholesale order form with over 3000 variables, each with their own photos and description and have it load within 2-3 seconds.  Wow.

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