Speak Scout Glossary

While bounce rates aren’t as fun as a trampoline park, they can be a great indicator of the relevancy of your content. Track your analytics to figure out what’s working and what needs a refresh.

Here’s a little secret: We made this page for you, but it helps us too.

Speaking the same language empowers us to do our best work.  Consider blowing your team’s mind with an internal glossary of your own. Never again will Sharon challenge you on the meaning of an app versus a website.

The first step to reaching a goal? Defining it.

Key performance indicators can help you set SMART goals - goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

Help people find you on the go!

According to HubSpot, optimizing mobile performance is the top technical SEO tactic used by marketers to improve site performance.

Local tip:

Vermonters call soft-serve ice cream “creemees,” so be sure to factor that ridiculousness into your SEO strategy. You know, if you happen to sell cold, sweet treats in the Green Mountain State.

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