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Site Launch: UVM Bored

September 21, 2017 by Dave Saraceno

We are excited (not bored!) to share a newly designed site for UVM Bored. UVM Bored is a branch of the UVM Student Activities department located in Burlington, VT. Spreading the word about events on college campuses is notoriously hard, especially on a campus as big as UVM’s. That’s where UVM Bored come sin: they collect, collate, and organize every activity and event that they get wind of, and then publish it online via their sweet, sweet Events calendar. With their help, students are longer mired in boredom, wondering what there is to do after classes. With a few clicks, they can find an event to suit their schedule, budget and whim. Best of all, now all student activities are advertised in one central location – no more stapling flyers to telephone poles!

We had a blast using a mobile-first design paradigm for UVM Bored. The site has to fit and function flawlessly on mobile devices since its student users are checking the offerings on their phones and tablets as they shuffle between classes. Additionally, we strove to make the admin side of the site as easy to use as possible. The UVM Bored staff is comprised primarily of students, and they rotate in and out each year. It was important to the group that their site require minimal training so that everyone involved could make site updates quickly and easily.