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Site Launch: EQUITAS

October 31, 2017 by Dave Saraceno

Announcing: Site launch for EQUITAS Life Sciences. Make one visit to their new site and you’ll know that these folks are not a run-of-the-mill healthcare and life sciences consultancy. The gorgeously shot video overlayed in an eerie blue, backed by a quiet piano soundtrack that draws you in, quickly proves that this is not going to be a boring site.

Usually at USM Interactive, one of our top goals is to make out clients’ sites and content easier to navigate and understand. However, in this case, we were able to stray a bit from the norm. EQUITAS wanted their online presence to play “hard to get” – no tagline summaries of their work, no downloadable whitepapers. Instead, the imagery, the somewhat abstract video, and short pieces of text copy give you just enough information while still leaving you wanting more. Put simply, this site is an extension of their brand: Powerful, beautiful, and slightly intriguing.

We were grateful for the chance to work on this project for EQUITAS, and as it turns out, they were so pleased with our work and fast turn-around time, they hired us for four additional projects!