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Recent Website Launch: Community College of Vermont (CCV)

February 12, 2014 by USM Interactive


Community College of Vermont (CCV)


We’ve been looking forward to working on an .edu site for some time, so we were up for the challenge presented by the Community College of Vermont when they approached us to help redesign their current website.  The team at CCV had a clear vision of what they needed and how they wanted to achieve necessary changes.  Using their target audience research and surveys to guide us, we restructured the wealth of information and resources on their site to create the most efficient and effective user experience possible.

This project was important to our team for a variety of reasons – with some of our employees working as adjunct professors and other family members attending classes at one of the many locations around the site, we were excited to not only provide such a well-respected local institution with the online tools they need to grow and succeed, but to support the students of CCV with an online resource to help them succeed as well!

Visit to find out more about the programs and classes they offer for in- and out-of-state students including those who are earning their first degree, continuing their education, transferring from another institution, exploring workforce education, enhancing their current high school experience and/or who are veterans, international students, or senior citizens.