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Small Business Website Launches

September 30, 2013 by USM Interactive

Our Small Business Package is great for clients who are developing their first website; those who have limited budgets but specific online marketing goals; or those looking to “freshen-up” their existing site design and want to move to a more friendly content management platform.

The Small Business Package can also be used as a stepping stone for clients who want to get their name and brand online quickly and who plan to build a more developed, custom site down the road.


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Design Signs

Design Signs has been in business for over 28 years, creating amazing hand-crafted signs for businesses all over Vermont and New England. Owner, John Floyd was looking to not only refresh the tired design of his old site, but find new ways to connect with potential clients. We thought that offering a cool, user-friendly portfolio tool would be an effective way for people to easily search through his work and then request an immediate quote. The result is a responsive site that shows off Design Sign’s work and promotes customer interaction all through simple yet powerful design.


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University Tours

University Tours is a brand new business venture for owner Jim Shea, that provides college/university tours to prospective students. Jim was astounded with the level of service he received from us; he had no idea how thorough our process was and how great his site would be. What may have started as a fly-by-night business idea turned into a full-time job as a result of this new site, which Jim articulated in possibly one of the best testimonials we’ve ever gotten:

“Now that my website is up and running, and I’ve edited everything that I want, everything now rests on me. If my business makes it or falls flat on its face rests entirely on me. I can’t blame it on Union Street Media. I can’t tell people that I got lousy service. I can’t say that my “host” crashed and caused the demise of my business. Basically, Union Street Media has removed every lame excuse that I could possibly come up with!”


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Kimberly Hackett

Kimberly has been a Family-focused therapist for several years, but never had any sort of web presence. While she was totally new to the web game, our simple CMS made it easy for her to take control of her new site. She started off slightly apprehensive about managing her site, but through our training sessions and simple platform she gained confidence quickly.

The goal was to build a site that provided insight as to Kimberly’s area of expertise and easy means with which to contact her, as well as resources and a blog that Kimberly could use to connect more with her audience. Kimberly’s new website has put her squarely into the web game and has made a tremendously positive impact on her business.


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Purple Hearts Reunited

Army Captain Zachary Fike started this non-profit organization a few years ago with the intent on returning any lost Purple Heart medals to their original recipient (or their family). Originally starting as a word-of-mouth organization, Capt. Fike quickly realized that he couldn’t keep up with the amount of leads he was receiving, which is where Union Street Media came in. We not only developed a great looking, easy to use site, but gave Capt. Fike tools with which he could track and store any leads. Each and every medal that Capt. Fike reunited with it’s rightful owner had an amazing story behind it; how the medal was awarded and what had happened to it and how he found it and eventually returned it – always with a profound affect on the veterans’ families. It was important to give Capt. Fike a good space to write up these stories to help him connect with his readers so that he could show the value of his work. This is truly a great cause and one we are very proud to be a part of. Keep up the good work Captain Fike!


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Vermont Flight Academy

VT Flight Academy hadn’t updated their site in over 10 years and they felt is was starting to have a negative impact on how people may view their organization. Our designers really paid close attention to what their goals were and how their current site had been failing them. It was important for VT Flight Academy to have a repository with which they could list all the technical details about the planes they use and the services they provide. The end-result is a site with great design, pertinent content, and clear calls to action. You could say that their business is really taking off… get it?


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Ocean Partners

Ocean Partners is based out of Wilton, CT, but have offices all over the world. Ocean Partners offers a complete range of trading services for miners, smelters, refiners and metal consumers around the world. Working closely with global partners to offer customized risk management while linking clients to unique market opportunities. Their goal was to update their old design to reflect more appropriately their business and their global reach. Due to the nature of the industry it was important to keep this more akin to a marketing piece than a means to gain business leads. The most important part of the project process for them was the Content Coaching where we guided them on how best to create new and engaging content for their readers.