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How to Use Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

August 10, 2018 by Dave Saraceno


Facebook helps your customers to learn more about your business as you generate leads – pretty simple, right?

Getting a prospective client to fill out a form so you can contact them later has long been a bugaboo in sales leads for retailers. Facebook lead generation ads make this process easy – for the advertiser and for the customer.

All the prospective customer needs is to tap on your ad, and the form will pop up. Facebook populates the form with the contact data your prospects have shared in the platform, and then Facebook then sends these contact details to you.

Just like that, you get the leads, and your customers get the information they need!

What is a Facebook lead ad? And why use Facebook ads instead of Google ads?

Facebook maintains the highest number of social users on the internet. Owing to its vast reach, Facebook has become a lucrative element for many companies’ advertising strategies. But why should you consider Facebook ads as compared to Google Ads?

Unlike Google, Facebook helps their users find businesses based on what the users need. That means Facebook helps your new customer prospects see you, rather than you having to find them.

Facebook also boasts the world’s most massive audience. An estimated two billion people actively use Facebook each month. Nearly a million people a day react to something they see on the social media site. When it comes to the enormity of its reach, no other social site can rival this critical audience.

Rather than exposing you to this vast audience, however, Facebook’s strength lies in its ability to allow advertisers to tailor their messages to reach a specific group of people.


What makes a Facebook ad successful?

Facebook’s active user base is about the same size as the entire population of China. It’s a lot more diverse though. Doctors, teachers, lawyers, engineers, store owners and almost every profession is represented on Facebook. This diversity makes Facebook a great advertising platform because whatever you are selling, some cadre of your buyers is almost certainly on there.

Remember, using Facebook will not solve a lead deficit. Organic engagement on Facebook is great for many reasons, but you need an active plan to engage the right leads and move them down the funnel, closer to you.

You’ll need to convert these qualified leads you generate into sales.

Fundamentally, Facebook ads succeed when they target the right audience. Targeting, by the way, is more difficult than it looks. Location, age, gender, language, and other demographics allow you to micro-target your audience. Don’t forget to take cultural preferences into consideration when creating.


Facebook lead ads best practices.

Facebook ads are an effective way of knowing the people who are interested in your products and services. Consider these tips to help you develop your best lead generation system:

  • Know your ideal customer.
  • Create a freebie that your ideal customers will love enough to give you his or her contact information for.
  • Set up a thank you page and a squeeze page on your site.
  • Add the Facebook pixel to your thank you and squeeze pages to track the activities on your web pages.
  • Choose the Ad Target options.
  • Create ads that are appealing to your audience.
  • Review the results to determine the best performing combination.


A step-by-step guide to creating a Facebook ad.


  • Read, understand, and accept the lead generation conditions.

If you want your lead generation campaign to succeed, you will need to understand these terms and conditions. They include guidelines on how to make points on Facebook and how to use the information you receive. Once you are sure about the terms, click that you agree.


  • Choose your budget, placement, audience, and schedule.

You will find parameters for each of these conditions on Facebook. Before you start, be absolutely sure of your target audience – no guesswork. Remember you can never choose for people below 18 years of age to receive any ads you make.

Select  schedules that run when your sales and marketing team is not too busy so you don’t overload your staff.


  • Create your Ad.

Regardless of your budget, dig deep and hire a professional copywriter and an ad designer (Hey – that’s us!) Paying a professional can help you avoid making costly and embarrassing mistakes.


  • Determine the information you will collect from your potential buyers.

Keep in mind the “Goldilocks Rule” – not too much, not too little, but just right. If a prospective lead thinks your questions are intrusive, they’ll abandon the form. Conversely, if you don’t collect enough information, you’re cheating yourself on valuable contact data. Run your questions past several people before putting your form live on Facebook.


  • Complete your ad by linking the ad to your ‘Thank You page.’

Learn more about this step in the Facebook business advertiser help center.


How to evaluate a Facebook ads effectiveness at lead generation.

The digital world is populated with tons of marketing and advertising techniques. However, you only need to choose the one that works best for your case. But how do you measure your return on this investment?

Not by trial and error! You need to calculate the costs for generating a single lead and decide whether or not Facebook ads make sense for your business. Before you abandon your Facebook strategy, though, make sure you’ve done the following:

  1. Selected the right starting point.
  2. Tested your audience.
  3. Approached your ads strategically.


Final thoughts.

Advertising can be expensive. But – it pays IF it’s done right. Ensure that the lead generation techniques you employ create value for your company by targeting prospects, generating leads, and converting those leads into sales.

Interested in starting a Facebook ad campaign but still have questions? Let’s talk today!