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First Impressions [Part 1]

June 19, 2015 by Emma Shank

First impressions matter, from the very first search results page.

It can be love at first sight, with a quick click for directions or completing a form on your website.

Or it can be passed by, neither customer nor business knowing what they’re missing out on.

In our previous blog post, the basics of digital marketing, we mentioned that having a great website is only one piece of the pie. It needs to be found.

So what does that look like?

It should be dreamy, full of sparkling reviews, photos and contact info that is one click away. According to Tony Haile, 55% of users spend 15 seconds or less on a website which makes distinguishing your business from competitors incredibly hard to do. The more information you can convey before the clock starts ticking the better your chances of engaging with that person on the other side of the screen.

Let’s take a look at what’s to love about Brown Ledge Camp in Colchester, Vermont.

They have fully optimized their Google My Business page. The correct address appears in the search results page along with a click to call phone number, business hours and directions to camp.

brown ledge address


Campers and parents clearly trust and recommend Brown Ledge.

Without looking at the website I can see that it has a review rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars and is a “wonderfully special summer camp” and it has a “free choice philosophy of camp.”

brown ledge reviews

Instead of going to the home page first I can get to a number of other interior pages on their site and even look at photos on Google.

brown ledge info and photos

And we can’t forget about people searching on their phone.

Below is the first thing I see when searching for Brown Ledge Camp. The same information from their Google My Business page is displayed, but with even more prominence.

“More about Brown Ledge Camp” appears before the actual website listing and clicking on it brings me to a photo and in depth reviews.

IMG_2512    IMG_2513


IMG_2514    IMG_2515

Hop into incognito mode and take a look at your first impression for yourself.

Is it worth falling in love over?

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