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9 Social Media Marketing Tips For Summer Camps

November 24, 2014 by USM Interactive

Celebrate camp life, engage parents and reach alumni using a social media marketing strategy. Here are 9 tips to help you with your camp’s social media efforts.

  1. Just do it.

    Try out a social site personally first (if you haven’t already). Watch for about 30 days to get a feel for how people interact. Once you get a good handle on how it works, go ahead and pick a social media platform for your camp. It helps to think about your demographics and target the networks that fulfill your objectives and where you will have the most impact. Maybe Facebook is right for you, or maybe it’s a combination of Facebook and Instagram. Remember to be engaging no matter where you end up!

  1. Keep content current.

    Do updates frequently to stay credible and to keep folks coming back for more. Mix up what you post. Keep the content helpful, fun, and informative.

  1. Embrace conversation.

    Don’t just feed information such as when the last day of camp sign-up is. Remember, this is an opportunity to talk, interact and create advocates from your campers and their families.

  1. Take time to listen.

    When parents are invited to participate in online communities, they expect camps to listen and consider their ideas. They don’t want to feel like they’re not being heard. If they do, they’re likely to leave and not come back.

  1. A picture –and video!– speaks louder than words.

    Content is important but don’t forget the visuals such as photos and videos. Show off what attracts kids and parents to your camp! Also, keep in mind that YouTube is now the #2 search engine in the world, which means that adding videos to your site is more important for search results than ever before.

  1. Be friendly, create advocates.

    After you join a network, make sure to connect with other camps, industry folks, and major brands that partner with you and others in the summer camp world.

  1. Give parents a reason to participate.

    Social networking is an incredible outlet for grass roots marketing, something kids are already aware of.

  1. Jump and stay in the conversation.

    The sooner you act, the more leeway you will have with experimentation. Be sure to set up a “conversation calendar” to help remind you when it’s time to put up a new blog post or new item, because staying engaged is critical to your successful social media strategy.

  1. Don’t be boring!

    Get creative and try to let the conversation flow freely. The more accessible you are to your campers and their families, the more likely it is that you’re going to be a part of their lives for years to come. So, as a brand, this is your opportunity to humanize your company and be part of your campers’ life experiences and their personal networks, from which they draw so much.

There you have it: 9 tips to help build and grow your camp’s social media presence, which will help drive more traffic to your site, allow you to engage with your camp community, and will allow you to register more campers for next summer! Questions or comments? Feel free to email me at [email protected]