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Interactive Website Launches

April 3, 2013 by wpengine

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Jenike & Johanson

For over 55 years, engineering firm Jenike & Johanson has specialized in powder and bulk solids storage, handling, conveying, and processing.  They are one of the leading bulk solids flow engineering companies in the world and needed a site that matched their highly esteemed offline reputation.

The new site was designed to ensure ease-of-use for a wide variety of target audiences, including international clients and colleagues. Clear calls to action and carefully worded navigation, information about services and products can be found through a variety of “channels” based on the user’s preferred method of moving through the site.  Modern updates including widening the site design, use of an interactive map, a searchable case studies database, and interactive timeline were made to match the company’s online identity with their leading-edge offline presence.


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Graham Pelton is a consulting firm that offers customized fundraising guidance and services for nonprofits, cultural organizations, independent schools, environmental groups, community organizations, religious organizations, and those operating in the fields of higher education and healthcare.

Although their old site contained valuable information about their services, it failed to convey the scope of their work and the depth if their client base.  The new site was developed to increase brand recognition while modernizing their online and offline presence.  The use of a full-screen image slideshow and updated logo convey a clear marketing message in a user-centric and engaging way.

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Vermont Custom Closets

Vermont Custom Closets is Vermont’s largest closet company offering the biggest selection of products than any other company.   Vermont Custom Closets is a new entity that merged Otter Creek Custom Closets from Otter Creek Awnings and Closet Crafters.  Vermont Custom Closets has a 3000 sq. ft. showroom and design center (located next to Otter Creek).  It is Vermont’s largest closet and organizational showroom.

The goal of the site was to introduce the new brand and company through a clean, professional and responsive design optimized for all screen sizes.  The site design is consistent with The Otter Creek Awnings website.  The site navigation is intuitive and clearly encompasses all aspects of the company including the products, services and the team customers will work with.  The responsive design restructures elements on the screen as it becomes narrower, keeping the most important sections, such as brand identity and calls to action on the top.

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Educator’s Ally

Educator’s Ally is a highly personalized placement agency for educators and independent schools in the New York metropolitan area.  They have been representing and recruiting for both day and boarding schools located in the northeast since 1975.

The old site was very outdated and new ownership began operating the business during 2012.  The goals of the redesign and resulting solutions included:

  • To elevate the organization’s image by creating a contemporary, impressive, interactive, useful, and informative website with clean design and easy navigation.  A large, graphic slideshow was added to the homepage to help convey a sense of Educator’s Ally is to site visitors before they even begin to read the written content.  The balance of the whitespace and the crisp color scheme helps the site maintain a modern, yet sophisticated and professional look.
  • To increase productivity and operational efficiency including fielding unqualified candidates.  The addition of an online application for pre-approved and qualified candidates  increases the efficiency with which Educator’s Ally completes daily, time-consuming tasks.
  • To directly capture data about viable candidates directly into their database via an online application.  Every 24 hours, Educator’s Ally receives a CSV file via email that includes all applicants that have submitted an application within the 24 hour period.


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Andrew Pearce Bowls

The Andrew Pearce story begins with family and a tradition of craftsmanship, innovation and entrepreneurship.  Andrew Pearce bowls combine the artistic integrity of a hand-turned bowl with the efficiency of a machine-manufactured product.  Using locally sourced wood, Andrew Pearce bowls are created through a unique manufacturing process employing equipment specifically designed by Andrew.

Creative Director Todd Cummings designed the logo prior to the web design process.  The initial vision of the logo included a hand done look with rough edges, the organic feel of wood, and loosely imitating the feel of a brand.   The site is starting out as simple blog site with minimal content to announce the company, create brand awareness, share the story and plant the seed for more.  The site is a responsive design optimized for mobile, tablet and computer screens of varying sizes.


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Harsch Associates
Legal Nurse Consultants

A Legal Nurse Consultant adds value by reviewing, organizing and analyzing medical records to support your strategic argument.  Harsch Associates Legal Nurse Consultants help identify, locate, review and interpret relevant medical records, support the attorney’s case, act as an attorney liaison, work with experts and witnesses and assist with discovery and preparation.

Designer Alaina Castillo created the logo with the goal to elegant, professional, yet right to the point.  The site features blog post headlines in the footer, clear call to actions on all pages, and is easy to navigate.

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Global Z

Global Z specializes in data quality and direct marketing services such as address verification, phone and email standardization, geocoding, and international postal presorts.  Their data hygiene services are invaluable to clients the US, Canada, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Europe.

Along with creating a new responsive website design, we restructured the navigation to meet the goal of providing potential customers and current clients a more intuitive way to find the information they are seeking.  By creating three main funnels that speak to different ways varying target audiences search for information, we ensured that no matter the industry or region the client comes from, they would be able to find the content they’re look for quickly and easily. Clearer calls to action were added to encourage and drive leads through the site.

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Middlebury Fence

Middlebury Fence is a commercial and residential fencing company that specializes in installation of residential and commercial fences, gate & access control, solar panel installation, and outdoor living products.

The goal of the new site is to highlight Middlebury Fence’s new initiatives and the full scope of services and products they now offer.  The design of the site presents the client with a variety of ways to promote new initiatives and products while also focusing on their “bread and butter” branches of business – commercial and residential fence installation and the addition of the residential fencing and commercial fencing databases.

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Mobile Vermont Storage

Mobile Vermont Storage offers clean, secure, affordable storage containers for on-site storage throughout Vermont.  The storage containers are available for purchase, long-term, or short rentals.

The site was developed to provide an online identity for the new and growing company.  Our design team worked with the client to create a modern, clean logo to serve as the cornerstone of their brand identity.  The site was created in a way that will allow the homepage to be updated frequently to highlight new initiatives and products as the company continues to grow and evolve.  In addition, clear calls to action were added to generate leads.